Male Reproductive System

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•  Annotate diagrams of the male reproductive system to show names of structures and their functions

The male reproductive system includes all the organs responsible for the production of sperm (the male gamete)

  • It also includes the organs that are involved in synthesising the semen in which the sperm is transported during copulation

Male Reproductive System  (Front View)


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Structures of the Male Reproductive System

The following structures all contribute to the production of sperm and semen as part of the reproductive process in males

  • Structures are organised according to the path taken by sperm (from production to release)


  • The testis (plural: testes) is responsible for the production of sperm and testosterone (male sex hormone)


  • Site where sperm matures and develops the ability to be motile (i.e. ‘swim’) – mature sperm is stored here until ejaculation

Vas Deferens

  • Long tube which conducts sperm from the testes to the prostate gland (which connects to the urethra) during ejaculation

Seminal Vesicle

  • Secretes fluid containing fructose (to nourish sperm), mucus (to protect sperm) and prostaglandin (triggers uterine contractions)

Prostate Gland

  • Secretes an alkaline fluid to neutralise vaginal acids (necessary to maintain sperm viability)


  • Conducts sperm / semen from the prostate gland to the outside of the body via the penis (also used to convey urine)

Male Reproductive System  (Side View)

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