Female Reproductive System

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•  Annotate diagrams of the female reproductive system to show names of structures and their functions

The female reproductive system includes all the organs responsible for the production of an oocyte (the female gamete)

  • It also includes the organs involved in initially developing and maintaining an embryo during the early stages of pregnancy

Female Reproductive System  (Front View)


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Structures of the Female Reproductive System

The following structures all contribute to the production and maintenance of an egg as part of the female reproductive process

  • Structures are organised according to the path taken by egg (from production to implantation or elimination)


  • The ovary is where oocytes mature prior to release (ovulation) – it also responsible for estrogen and progesterone secretion


  • Fimbria (plural: fimbriae) are a fringe of tissue adjacent to an ovary that sweep an oocyte into the oviduct 


  • The oviduct (or fallopian tube) transports the oocyte to the uterus – it is also typically where fertilisation occurs


  • The uterus is the organ where a fertilised egg will implant and develop (becoming an embryo)


  • The mucous membrane lining of the uterus, it thickens in preparation for implantation or is otherwise lost (via menstruation)


  • Passage leading to the uterus by which the penis can enter (uterus protected by a muscular opening called the cervix)

Female Reproductive System  (Side View)

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