Greenhouse Impacts

There are many proposed environmental consequences associated with an enhanced greenhouse effect, including:

  • Disease spread – More temperate climates will increase the prevalence and spread of pathogenic vectors (e.g. mosquitos)
  • Ice caps melting – Higher temperatures are melting ice caps and reducing permafrosts, releasing detritus trapped in ice
  • Extreme weather conditions – Climate change is linked to an increase in extreme weather (e.g. cyclones, tropical storms)

  • Extinction – Changing climate will increase competition, leading to a loss of biodiversity and extinction events 
  • Acidification of oceans – Rising atmospheric CO2 levels contribute to an increase in the acidification of oceans
  • Rising sea levels – Global warming is associated with rising sea levels, leading to the displacement of communities
  • Temperature increases – Greenhouse gas emissions are linked to an increase in average global temperatures
  • Habitat destruction – Changing climate conditions will lead to the destruction of habitats and expansion of temperate species

Mnemonic:  Die Earth!

die earth