Lipid Absorption

Lipids within the digestive system will tend to hydrophobically aggregate to form large fat globules

  • Bile salts, secreted from the gall bladder, emulsify these fat globules and break them up into smaller droplets
  • Hydrolytic enzymes called lipases then digest the fats into their component parts

When the fatty acids are absorbed into the epithelial cells of the intestinal lining, they are combined to form triglycerides

  • The triglycerides are combined with proteins inside the Golgi apparatus to form chylomicrons
  • Chylomicrons are released from the epithelial cells and are transported via the lacteals to the liver

While in the liver, chylomicrons may be modified to form a variety of lipoproteins

  • Low density lipoproteins will transport lipids via the bloodstream to cells
  • High density lipoproteins will scavenge excess lipids from the bloodstream and tissues and return them to the liver

Lipid Absorption and Transport

lipid metabolism