Pathway Engineering

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•  Pathway engineering optimises genetic and regulatory processes within microorganisms

•  Pathway engineering is used industrially to produce metabolites of interest

Pathway engineering involves the manipulation of genetic and regulatory processes to produce metabolites of interest

  • Primary metabolites are compounds that are essential to the growth and development of the microorganism (e.g. citric acid)
  • Secondary metabolites are compounds that are not directly involved in growth and development (e.g. penicillin)

Pathway engineering optimises metabolic processes to increase yields or produce exogenous metabolites

  • Yields can be increased by over-expressing genes involved in a pathway, or blocking expression of competing pathways
  • New products can be produced by inserting genes of interest (e.g. enzymes) into established metabolic processes

As a cell requires certain metabolic pathways for survival, increases in yields must be balanced against survival requirements

Pathway Engineering

pathway engineering