Birth Process

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•  Birth is mediated by positive feedback involving estrogen and oxytocin

The process of childbirth is called parturition and occurs via positive feedback under hormonal control

Positive feedback involves a response that reinforces the change detected (it functions to amplify the change)

  • In the case of childbirth, fetal growth eventually causes stretching of the uterine walls, which is detected by stretch receptors
  • This triggers the release of hormones (oxytocin) that induce uterine muscles to contract, further reducing space in the womb
  • This causes more stretching and hence more contraction until the origin stimulus (the foetus) is removed (i.e. birth)

The Role of Positive Feedback in the Birth Process

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Hormonal Control

The chemical regulators of the birthing process include oxytocin, oestrogen, progesterone and prostaglandin

  • After 9 months, the baby is fully grown and stretches the walls of the uterus – placing a strain on both mother and infant
  • This stress induces the release of chemicals which trigger a rise in the levels of estrogen (estriol in particular)
  • Estriol prepares the smooth muscle of the uterus for hormonal stimulation by increasing its sensitivity to oxytocin
  • Estriol also inhibits progesterone, which was preventing uterine contractions from occurring while the foetus developed
  • Now that the uterus is primed for childbirth, the brain triggers the release of oxytocin from the posterior pituitary gland
  • Oxytocin stimulates the uterine muscles to contract, initiating the birthing process (it also inhibits progesterone secretion)
  • The foetus responds to this uterine contraction by releasing prostaglandins, which triggers further uterine contractions
  • As the uterine contractions trigger the release of chemicals that cause further contractions, a positive feedback loop ensues
  • Contractions will stop when labour is complete and the baby is birthed (no more stretching of the uterine wall)

Hormonal Regulation of the Birth Process

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