Malpighian Tubules

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•  The Malpighian tubule system in insects and the kidney carry out osmoregulation and the removal of

    nitrogenous wastes

All animals possess a specialised excretory system for osmoregulation and the removal of nitrogenous wastes

  • In mammals, the excretory system (kidneys) is separate from the digestive system of the animal
  • In insects, the excretory system (Malpighian tubules) connects to the digestive system of the animal

Malpighian Tubules

  • Insects have a circulating fluid system called hemolymph that is analogous to the blood system in mammals
  • Malpighian tubules branch off from the intestinal tract and actively uptake nitrogenous wastes and water from the hemolymph
  • The tubules pass these materials into the gut to combine with the digested food products
  • Solutes, water and salts are reabsorbed into the hemolymph at the hindgut, whereas nitrogenous wastes (as uric acid) and undigested food materials are excreted via the anus

Excretion in Insects (Malpighian Tubules)

malpighian tubules