Welcome to the BioNinja Website!


Attention BioNinjas: New Year = New Update

Learning Modules have been added to Additional Resources: 

  • Interactive presentations for all SL and AHL topics
  • Downloadable slideshows (with optional narrations)
  • Topic-specific activity sheets (with answers)
  • Summary notes for every core topic


Welcome to the BioNinja Website – your one-stop resource for everything IB Biology related!

  • This website is designed specifically for the new IB Biology syllabus (2016 –)
  • This site is still under development, so new features will be periodically added
  • This site was optimised for Safari – certain features may not work on other browsers
  • For access to the old website (2009 – 2015 syllabus), click here

Looking for a specific assessment statement? Try searching the site for it!

What is coming in the future:

The following features are planned for the future (order of completion will depend on demand):

  • All of the options and a PSOW guide
  • BioNinja App (iPhone/Android)
  • Topic summaries in PDF form, online quizzes and an e-book
  • Video tutorials and biology songs (currently available on the old site)

Standard Level Topics:

Higher Level Topics:


Why the change?

While the new IB syllabus covers much the same content as the old syllabus, the style has changed significantly:

  • The old syllabus was organised into dot points, each of which included a specific command term that identified the level of knowledge required
  • The new syllabus is organised into assessment statements that do not include command terms – this makes the knowledge requirements broader and vague

To reflect this change, the new website no longer addresses content as an itemised list, however every assessment statement is still specifically covered

  • For each sub-topic, assessment statements are grouped and organised by subject matter and explained as part of the core content
  • Additional information that helps with understanding but is not specifically referenced by an assessment statement is included as extra content

The new layout is not as concise as the old layout, but this is because the new syllabus is not as concise as the old syllabus

  • The new layout is a lot prettier than the old layout though – hope you like it!

Want to be heard?

I am keen to receive (constructive) feedback and have set up a dedicated email account to hear your thoughts:  bioninjaib@hotmail.com

  • Is there a problem with the site?  (i.e. broken links, etc.)
  • Don’t like the new format and have a better idea?  (no such thing as a bad idea)
  • What feature would you like to be added next?  (features will be added in order of demand)
  • Any ideas for further improvement?  (are there areas where more/less information is required?)
  • Just want to tell me how great I am?  (I don’t mind… seriously! ;P)

Just remember: This is still a work in progress, so be constructive and considerate with any feedback (bioninjas hate trolls)

Don’t be a Troll!