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•  Cytokinesis occurs after mitosis and is different in plant and animal cells

Cytokinesis is the process of cytoplasmic division, whereby the cell splits into two identical daughter cells

Cytokinesis occurs concurrently with the final stage of mitosis (telophase) and is different in plant and animal cells

Animal Cells

  • After anaphase, microtubule filaments form a concentric ring around the centre of the cell
  • The microfilaments constrict to form a cleavage furrow, which deepens from the periphery towards the centre
  • When the furrow meets in the centre, the cell becomes completely pinched off and two cells are formed
  • Because this separation occurs from the outside and moves towards the centre, it is described as centripetal

animal cytokinesis

Plant Cells

  • After anaphase, carbohydrate-rich vesicles form in a row at the centre of the cell (equatorial plane)
  • The vesicles fuse together and an early cell plate begins to form within the middle of the cell
  • The cell plate extends outwards and fuses with the cell wall, dividing the cell into two distinct daughter cells
  • Because this separation originates in the centre and moves laterally, it is described as centrifugal

cytokinesis plant