Cell Cycle


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•  Mitosis is division of the nucleus into two genetically identical daughter nuclei

The cell cycle is an ordered set of events which culminates in the division of a cell into two daughter cells

  • It can be roughly divided into two main phases:


The stage in the development of a cell between two successive divisions

This phase of the cell cycle is a continuum of three distinct stages:

  • G1 – First intermediate gap stage in which the cell grows and prepares for DNA replication
  • S – Synthesis stage in which DNA is replicated
  • G2 – Second intermediate gap stage in which the cell finishes growing and prepares for cell division

M phase

The period of the cell cycle in which the cell and contents divide to create two genetically identical daughter cells

This phase is comprised of two distinct stages:

  • MitosisNuclear division, whereby DNA (as condensed chromosomes) is separated into two identical nuclei
  • CytokinesisCytoplasmic division, whereby cellular contents are segregated and the cell splits into two

The Cell Cycle

cell cycle