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•  Calculation of magnification and the actual size of structures shown in drawings or micrographs

Calculation of Magnification:

To calculate the linear magnification of a drawing or image, the following equation should be used:

  • Magnification = Image size (with ruler) ÷ Actual size (according to scale bar)

Calculation of Actual Size:

To calculate the actual size of a magnified specimen, the equation is simply rearranged:

  • Actual Size = Image size (with ruler) ÷ Magnification

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•  Use of a light microscope to investigate the structure of cells and tissues, with drawings of cells

Light microscopes use visible light and a combination of lenses to magnify images of mounted specimens

  • Living specimens can be viewed in their natural colour, although stains may be applied to resolve specific structures

When attempting to draw microscopic structures, the following conventions should be followed:

  • A title should be included to identify the specimen (e.g. name of organism, tissue or cell)
  • A magnification or scale should be included to indicate relative size
  • Identifiable structures should be clearly labelled (drawings should only reflect what is seen, not idealised versions)

Summary of Visible Cell Features under Light Microscopy

cells under microscopes