Iodine Deficiency

Certain hormones may require specifc precursor molecules in order to be synthesised by the body

  • Thyroxin contains iodine within its chemical structure and cannot be produced if iodine is deficient in the diet
  • Iodine deficiency will therefore effect the thyroid gland – where thyroxin is produced
  • Individuals with an iodine deficiency will develop an enlarged thyroid gland – a condition known as goitre

Iodine deficiency is common in many countries, as iodine is not a common component of most diets (sea food excepted)

  • The International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders works to eliminate the harm of iodine deficiency
  • One strategy employed is to add iodine to common dietary products (e.g. iodised table salt)

Clinical Presentation of Iodine Deficiency