Plasma Proteins

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•  Endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus in hepatocytes produce plasma proteins

Plasma proteins are proteins present in the blood plasma and are produced by the liver (except for immunoglobulins)

  • The proteins are produced by the rough ER in hepatocytes and exported into the blood via the Golgi complex

There are a number of different types of plasma proteins, each serving different specific functions:

  • Albumins regulate the osmotic pressure of the blood (and hence moderate the osmotic pressure of body fluids)
  • Globulins participate in the immune system (i.e. immunoglobulins) and also act as transport proteins
  • Fibrinogens are involved in the clotting process (soluble fibrinogen can form an insoluble fibrin clot)
  • Low levels of other plasma proteins have various functions (e.g. α-1-antitrypsin neutralises digestive trypsin)

Overview of Plasma Proteins

plasma proteins