Types of Biomes

Biomes are geographical areas that have a particular climate and sustain a specific community of flora and fauna

  • The total area where all living things are found (i.e. the totality of biomes) is called the biosphere

There are a number of different biomes that are recognised according to their specific characteristics

  • These include forests and grasslands (tropical and temperate), tundras, deserts and mountain ranges

Tropical Rainforest

  • Hot climate (25ºC – 30ºC) with very high levels of precipitation (> 250 cm per year) 
  • Has a large diversity in species and vegetation includes epiphytes, tall trees and undergrowth

Temperate Forest

  • Temperate forests (deciduous forests) have moderate temperatures and clear seasonal changes
  • They have a growing period of ~200 days during 4 – 6 frost free months

Boreal Forest (Taiga)

  • Taigas (coniferous forests) are cold and icy (0ºC – 15ºC) with a small amount of precipitation
  • Coniferous trees are densely packed and there is little variation in species

Tropical Grassland (Savannah)

  • Savannahs are warm (20ºC – 30ºC) with medium amounts of moisture, although seasonal droughts are common
  • Trees are intermittent and widely spaced, with occasional fires preventing thicker vegetation from encroaching

Temperate Grassland

  • Temperate grasslands have moderate temperatures and moderate amounts of rainfall
  • Trees and shrubs are largely absent and grasses are the dominant vegetation

Mediterranean (Chaparrel)

  • Temperatures are moderate (15ºC – 25ºC) with rainy winters and dry summers
  • Vegetation consists of dry woody shrubs that are quick to grow


  • Deserts have extreme temperature conditions (> 30ºC during day ; < 0ºC at night) and very low precipitation
  • Dominant plant species are xerophytes which are adapted for water conservation (rainfall is < 30 cm per year)


  • Tundras have freezing temperatures (< 0ºC) and very little precipitation
  • Vegetation is low growing (e.g. mosses), although perennial plants may grow during the summer

Mountain Ranges

  • Mountain ranges are found all over the world at high altitudes (> 10,000 feet)
  • Temperatures are typically fairly low due to the altitude, although weather conditions may change rapidly

Distribution of Biomes within the Biosphere

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