Visual Processing

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•  Information from the right visual field from both eyes is sent to the left part of the visual cortex and vice versa

Contralateral processing is when a stimulus is processed on the opposite side to where it was detected

  • Information from the right half of the visual field is detected by the left half of the retina in both eyes and is processed by the left hemisphere (and vice versa for the left half of the visual field)

Information from each eye may swap at the optic chiasma, so that the right or left visual field is processed together

  • The optic nerves that swap sides are moving contralaterally, while those that stay on the same side remain ipsilateral

Impulses are conducted by the optic nerve to the thalamus, before being transmitted to the visual cortex (occipital lobe)

  • Thalamic structures (e.g. lateral geniculate nuclei) are involved in coordinating eye movements and circadian rhythms

Visual Processing

visual processing