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•  Identification of recombinants in crosses involving two linked genes

Recombinants of linked genes are those combinations of genes not found in the parents

  • Recombinants occur as a result of crossing over of genetic material during prophase I of meiosis
  • If linked genes become separated by a chiasma, there will be an exchange of alleles between the non-sister chromatids
  • This creates new allele combinations that are different to those of the parent

Identifying Recombinants from Genotype

recombinant genotype

The frequency of recombinant phenotypes within a population will typically be lower than that of non-recombinant phenotypes

  • This is because crossing over is a random process and chiasmata do not form at the same locations with every meiotic division

The relative frequency of recombinant phenotypes will be dependent on the distance between linked genes  

  • Recombination frequency between two linked genes will be greater when the genes are further apart on the chromosome 
  • This is because there are more possible locations where a chiasma could form between the genes

Recombinant phenotypes can be identified by performing a test cross (crossing with a homozygous recessive for both traits)

Identifying Recombinants from Phenotype

recombinant phenotype