Information about the BioNinja App


I am currently working on building a BioNinja App for iOS (iPhones / iPads) and Android devices

Whereas this website is intended as a learning tool, the app is being designed as a revision resource

It will allow users to review material by content (i.e. topic 1, 2, etc.) or concept (diagrams, scientists, etc.)

The current intent is to have it completed by roughly June – July of this year (2018)

However, I recognise this timeline is probably not helpful to those of you sitting the May 2018 exams

I think I could get the app finished by the start of April if I work hard, but I only plan on working hard if there is sufficient interest for the app (if there is a lot of interest, I’ll also endeavour to make the app free)

So if you are keen for a BioNinja App, register your interest by following a dog on Instagram (because dogs are significantly more fun to look at than an online survey)

Prince George is the official BioNinja mascot. Click here to follow him on Instagram

Prince George the BioNinja: